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We fill the highly sought after gap in the events market space for specialised technical expertise that can guarantee flawless delivery time and time again, on any level, while maintaining traditional service values and integrity.


We commit our years of knowledge and on-site experience to your brand and strategy.  We assist you in managing pre-event design, build, communications, event logistics, licensing, Risk assessment and insurances to ensure your event marketing program is on-target, on-schedule and on budget.


We are a time-saving and valuable event production resource to any size company, agency, committee or association planning an event. If you lack the technical knowledge, are understaffed or unable to take on the time consuming task of planning an entire event, top to bottom – we’re here to help.


We offer our clients skilled production designers, operators and technology experts under one roof, who continually seek innovative ways to create unparalleled event technology solutions to suit the specific needs of any project, large or small.


We have a world class team of individuals that can look beyond the black boxes and buttons and into the message. We are based in Sydney, but have advised, lead and worked with teams across the globe including, but not limited to; the USA, Canada, South Africa, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Manila, Korea, Japan, Bali, and Singapore.


We provide technical production service and design to Corporations, Professional Conference Organisers (PCO’s), PR / Marketing Agencies and Producers for events held nationally and around the world.

Dave Marshall



With an exemplary reputation for his delivery of events internationally and nationally, Dave has that “one of a kind” global experience and track record that is every clients dream. His demonstrated creativity, leadership skills, exceptional long-term relationships and drive for ongoing customer / client satisfaction has gained him a solid reputation as one of Australia’s most respected technical producers in the business and special events industry.

“It seems obvious to me, but no matter who your client is … whether they’re a Global CEO, Prime Minister, Association, Brand Manager, Producer, School… whoever, you have to be able to dig deep and solve every individual requirement in a timely manner with dedication, forward planning, creativity and finally a seamless delivery … and most important, you have to honestly enjoy what you do – while you’re doing it.”

Paul Newton



Paul’s goal as a Technical Producer is to assist every client in developing a technical design, strategy, and infrastructure to deliver their vision as it was imagined. His expert skill-set includes creative technology design, technical specifications, vendor recommendations, on-site management for national and international delivery. His credentials include an impeccable 25 year industry reputation, but his point of difference is that willingness to take on the responsibility for success on every project he’s involved in.

“Having the ability to multi-task and understand the expectations, needs and sensitivities of everyone involved are what make a unified and successful effort… at the end of the day, you need everyone on the same page with the same end goal and focus to ensure a flawless production – that’s what we do.”

Josh James



Josh has successfully staged hundreds of events from initial design through to event management, activation and delivery. He has a 20 year proven track record of managing large-scale events, with teams of any size, and works extremely well under pressure. Armed with his extensive Australasian industry supplier and contact base, he has been instrumental in delivering high profile events throughout ANZ as well as Beijing, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong, Manila, Korea, Japan, Bali, and Singapore.

“Experience on all levels is key. In our fast-paced, high-tech environment we are required to be effective leaders, utilise all new and available resources, improve processes, and increase quality at the same time finding ways to reduce bottom-line cost to the client – this is definitely not something one learns overnight.”

Simon Crossett

General Manager


Simon has been an integral part in the smooth running of some of Australia’s “best of breed” Event audiovisual companies. He brings with him a wealth of industry experience especially around business operations.  He is widely acknowledged as being one of the leading solution providers / problem solvers in the industry and has had considerable success in every ring he throws his hat.

“I see this as an all-encompassing position. It’s my job to assist and work in unison with the entire team to further develop our strategies, structures and overarching systems. I am first in the queue when it comes to being an active contributor to theEAR’s ongoing growth and development.”

Paul Wilson

Project Manager


Paul began working in the live production arena over 20 years ago. His first shift lasted 22 hours and he couldn’t wait to get back into it the next day. Since then, he has progressed through the ranks from tech, to TD, to technically managing one of the largest venues in the country. He has showcased the worlds leading corporate, musical & sporting entities to Australia. Paul now brings all of that experience back into doing what he loves the most – end to end project management.

“Although our business falls under technical production, for me it’s more about relating to the people involved. Building an event or ‘atmosphere’, by reducing client stress levels, by lifting confidence in performers, and by empowering crew to deliver at a world-class level. Don’t get me wrong… I love the gear, but it’s the people and the relationships made along the way that keeps me coming back for more.”

Greg Archibald

Project Manager


Over the last 15 years, Greg has honed his core processes enabling him to be ‘that guy’ that can comfortably manage any project, at any size, any place that you can imagine. He is invaluable on any project and has the proven track record, exceptional Vectorworks drawings and the natural communication skills necessary to deal with anything thrown his way.

“I pride myself in realising every possible scenario during the pre-production phase, before arriving onsite. With a bit of planning, you can navigate all of those annoying little spot fires we all love so much to deliver a project as it was imagined. As Sir William Connolly once said, ‘Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn’t try it on…’”

Paul Whitby

Lighting Director


At 15 years old, Paul walked into his local theatre company, up to the head technician and asked for a job stating, “I would like to work here, for free if I have to, and I want to do the lighting…”. Some 20 years later that passion still burns bright. Paul has toured the globe with Australia’s leading theatre companies, producers and choreographers continually bringing his unique theatricality to every design. His dedication to memorable, high impact performance lighting is complimented by a comprehensive knowledge encompassing all areas of presentation, production and design.

“I really love the entire process of putting a show together. Having said that, for me it’s got to be the collaboration that’s the real stand out. Working quietly one on one or with a seriously massive team all focused on the one goal is my proverbial light at the end of the tunnel… get it?”

Steve Kim

Senior Technician


Steve has a seriously strong knowledge base and over 15 years hands-on experience in Audio, Vision, Lighting and pretty much every other production technology. But that’s not all… he has Certs in Event Management, Training and assessment, First Aid, as well as a Bachelor of Communications! While his list of credentials is impressive, his point of difference as a Senior Technician, is that willingness to take responsibility for the success of every project he’s involved in.

“A strong work ethic is vital to achieving any goal you have in life. My discipline or emphasis has always been around Quality, Integrity, and Answerability. Do what you say you are going to do, and do it to the very best of your ability. Its good to be part of a team that believes in the same things”

David Serisier

Audio Visual Technician


David is one of those rare individuals that can fix anything. He started his technical career in IT and after building a solid foundation as a network manager (hacker,  ha ha), he jumped into the events game. Over the past 5 years, he has delivered over 500 live events giving him a broad understanding of the diversity within our industry.

“Learning something new everyday is a must – they say you’re not alive unless you do. But applying that new knowledge everyday… now that’s the tricky bit, and the part that drives me.”

Tam Morris

Multimedia & Design


With over 20 years experience as one of Australia’s most prolific storyboard artists for film and television – Tam knows how to craft powerful visual experiences. He is an accomplished film Director, Cinematographer and composer with the broadest range of skills across many software packages and image capture devices. A true collaborator – Tam’s strength lies in his ability to translate client words, scribbles & dreams into professional dynamic designs.

“The one thing that truly hooks people into any experience, is a good story. It turns a simple by-stander into a participant, a viewer into an eyewitness and a group of people into an audience. Think of any and all visual creation in terms of the world it will occupy.”

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